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Google Earth Reveals Oddities and Secrets
it was shown 3572 times

Arizona link 1
The editors at PC World spent some time using Google Earth to scour the surface of the planet, and they turned up some incredibly strange sights. The giant portrait of Oprah cut through a field by an...
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Budapest…What a Great City!
it was shown 4270 times

Budapest link 1
I have had lots of questions about Budapest, so I am going to try to answer all of them today. How is Budapest? Budapest is a big city. Nearly 2 million people live in Budapest with 1/3 living ...
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The dogs in Bucharest
it was shown 5261 times

Bucharesti link 1
Ive just remembered that I had to write a long overdue blog entry about the dogs of Bucharest. Bucharest is an old European city, meaning that it grew with the needs of the people, starting from a lit...
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A "Top Ten" Tahoe Weekend
it was shown 3387 times

California Straddling the state line between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe lies 6,225 feet above sea level in the Sierra Nevada. The border gives this popular resort region a split personality. About half of...
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Important Information Before Going to Brazil
it was shown 6034 times

Rio de Janeiro Brazil has a very diverse culture and a wonderful climate. Summer starts in December and ends in February in this South American country. So before going on a trip to Brazil, one has to have enough ...
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10 best golf courses in Hawai
it was shown 3145 times

Hawaii link 1
Hawaii Golf or Golf Hawaii -- either way, these two words together represent a dream Hawaii vacation for the avid golfer. The courses listed here are among the best Hawaii golf courses and the best wo...
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Best Acapuloco Beaches
it was shown 3094 times

Cancun link 1
Beaches Heres a rundown on the beaches, going from west to east around the bay. Playa la Angosta is a small, sheltered, often-deserted cove just around the bend from La Quebrada (where the cliff ...
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Japans Skycycle is A Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster
it was shown 5477 times

Okayama link 1
link 2
Though Japans Skycycle doesnt have any loop-the-loops, I think the roller coaster still qualifies as "terrifying." Located in the mountains of Japans Okayama prefecture, the coaster looms over the cit...
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