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Artikel über Bangkok - THAILAND


Its not exactly up there with the coolest cities on earth but Bangkok is home to what could be one of the worlds coolest bars.
 More Manhattan than, well, Manhattan, Bed Supper Club is a designer watering hole with a capital D. The ultra futuristic fit out cost millions and it shows.

 An all white interior is softened by the warm glow of blue neon lights, while silent movies and videos are projected onto the walls. The effect is out of this world, as in, outer space - but still cozy. With futon-like chairs on the floors and day beds suspended from the walls it feels as though you are lounging in the living room of some 21st century billionaire playboy who keeps his space shuttle parked in the garage. Take it all in while model-look-alike staff bring you lusty cocktails and exotic Thai inspired food. Get to Bed, now.

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