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Vancouver, the Pearl of the West Coast of Canada
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Vancouver link 1
link 2
Vancouver is the pearl of the west coast of Canada. This city is a good choice for making a city trip to one of the most beautiful places in this country or the start of making a tour through West Can...
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Welcome to High Tech Hotel
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Dubai link 1
link 2
Abu Dhabi hotel is a traveling geeks gilded dream ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Forget that the 3 billion Emirates Palace hotel, a gargantuan hall of marble slabs and riverine fountains, is ...
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Green Travel: 31 Tips to Save Money & Environment
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London link 1
It’s easy to to think that individuals can’t make a difference when it comes to the issue of global warming. How often do we hear reports of governments and large companies making sweeping changes to ...
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New York to L.A. in Two Hours
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New York link 1
A new generation of supersonic private jets could trigger a boom in luxury high-speed flight -- without the sonic boom normally associated with breaking the sound barrier. Lockheed Martins advanced...
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Bangkok link 1
Its not exactly up there with the coolest cities on earth but Bangkok is home to what could be one of the worlds coolest bars. More Manhattan than, well, Manhattan, Bed Supper Club is a designer wat...
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Blue Frog Lounge - Mumbai
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Maharashtra link 1
Everybody is going crazy about Mumbais Blue Frog, opened earlier this year. Its a 1,000-square-meter complex that includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab, all ...
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Fantastic Design of a "Quarry" Hotel in China
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Shandong link 1
Atkins Architecture Group recently won the first prize award for an international design competition with this stunning entry. Set in a spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, the 400 bed...
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Economic woes hit European vacationers as well
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Paris link 1
The European summer vacation isn what it used to be, with economies stagnating and inflation in the euro zone at about 4 percent. People are cutting the length of their holiday stay, vacationing clos...
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